November 25, 2010

Change the en dictionary for the RAD Editor form EN

When you are opening the RTE editor the current item language name is transferred there as the “la=xx-XX” URL parameter.
This value is used for a spellchecking, i.e. if the current item language is “la-LA” then the “la-LA.tdf” dictionary will be used.
However when the item language is “en“ - Telerik control automatically interprets this value as “en-US” and used the “en-US.tdf” dictionary file.
Thus the only possible way to change the default dictionary for “en” items spellcheking is to rename the old “en-US.tdf” to something different and rename the “en-GB.tdf” file into “en-US.tdf”.
These dictionaries are located in “..\WebSite\sitecore\shell\RadControls\Spell\TDF”

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