November 25, 2010

See the logged users in the admin and kick it if needed

Sometime you need to kick some users but you only see the kick user screen when you try to login if they are allready the maximum users logged.
But you can use this screen:


  1. Can kicking only be done by admin, or some other account such as content editor can also kick another user ?

  2. I think that this windows is available for everybody because it is the seem screen used when a user try to login when all the available sessions are used.

  3. If you need non-administrators to be able to kick any user (even administrators), you can set the setting "AllowLogoutOfAllUsers" to "true".

  4. What is the url for sitecore 8?

  5. What is the url for sitecore 8?

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  7. The page is still on the same place but I have tested and it isn't accessible anymore if you are not logged.
    If you are allready logged it work but I suppose that you want to access when you cannot login...
    Maybe if you add this page into the IngorlUrlPrefix it could work?

  8. After a bit more investigation I see in the code of this control that you are redirect to the login page if you are not authenticate.
    So you can write a workaround for it:
    - Create a dll with a class named Kick.cs
    - inherit from: Sitecore.Shell.Applications.Login.Users.Kick (from the Sitecore.Client.dll)
    - override the Page_Load and just call base.base.Page_Load()
    - Edit the file: /sitecore/shell/Applications/Login/Users/Kick.aspx
    - on the first line replace Inherits="XXXX" by your class

    I didn't have the time to test but I think that it should work! If not tell me.

  9. Siecore 8 location is: /sitecore/client/Applications/LicenseOptions/KickUser

    If you stll have KickUsers,aspx in the old location, this is probably a left-over file from an uprade. The file no longer ships with Sitecore 8 packages

  10. You can get a list of current shell sessions from
    Sitecore.Web.Authentication.DomainAccessGuard::Sessions, Sitecore.Kernel

    This is where Kick/Boost gets it from.

  11. You can just paste the following into a text file called "sessions.aspx"

    <%@ Page %>
    var sessions = Sitecore.Web.Authentication.DomainAccessGuard.Sessions;
    foreach ( var s in sessions )
    Response.Write( s.UserName + ", last request: " + s.LastRequest.ToLocalTime().ToString() + "
    " );

  12. Where has this gone in Sitecore 8?

  13. As Jason St-Cyr said it is here now: /sitecore/client/Applications/LicenseOptions/KickUser
    But this seem not accessible when you are not logged in :-D

  14. You also have this page: http://myextrapill.local/sitecore/client/Applications/LicenseOptions/StartPage

  15. hai but show "There are no active user sessions that you can log out from Sitecore". Any configuration i need to enable to show the active user ?. we are using sitecore 8.1 update 3

  16. Hello,
    I have just checked l/sitecore/client/Applications/LicenseOptions/StartPage in Sitecore 8.1 up 1 and it looks ok. Do you use an admin user?
    But yes the problem with this page is the fact that you first need to login.

  17. Hi am getting 401 unauthorized in this url. Please let me know how to enable setting for sitecore API