February 16, 2011

Use the dictionary en-GB in place of en-US

We had a bug when we try to use the en-GB dictionary in place of the en-US. Effectively, the logical way is editing /sitecore/system/Languages/en and set the property “Dictionary” to en-US.tdf.

But it doesn’t work, the bug fix is to use replace the en-US.tdf file by the en-GB.tdf file in the folder “\sitecore\shell\RadControls\Spell\TDF”.

Here is the explanation of the sitecore support:
When you are opening the RTE editor the current item language name is transferred there as the “la=xx-XX” URL parameter.

This value is used for a spellchecking, i.e. if the current item language is “la-LA” then the “la-LA.tdf” dictionary will be used.

However when the item language is “en“ - Telerik control automatically interprets this value as “en-US” and used the “en-US.tdf” dictionary file.

Thus the only possible way to change the default dictionary for “en” items spellcheking is to rename the old “en-US.tdf” to something different and rename the “en-GB.tdf” file into “en-US.tdf”.

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