October 12, 2011

Open the content editor on a specific item

First technique

useful if you need to generate a link to send to one of your editors.

The format of this link will be :
http://Youthostname/sitecore/shell/Applications/Content Editor?id=%7b9822ABDF-F2B7-41BA-B56D-63E73BEB7E88%7d&vs=1&la=en&sc_content=master&fo=%7b9822ABDF-F2B7-41BA-B56D-63E73BEB7E88%7d&ic=People%2f16x16%2fcubes_blue.png&he=Content+Editor&cl=0

Where the parameters are:
- Id & fo: the ID of the target item
- vs: the version of the target item.
- la: the language  of the target item
- sc_content: the database

The second technique

useful of you need to open it from one of your xaml application :
UrlString str = new UrlString(); 
.Add("id", id); 
str.Add("fo", id); 
Windows.RunApplication("Content editor", str.ToString());

The third technique

In javascript: (a contribution of Mark Ursino. Thank you!)


  1. Thanks a lot for your contribution I will add this in my post :)

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  3. I do like more the option from Mark, one that is provided with JavaScript - nice and clean: [host URL]/sitecore/shell/sitecore/content/Applications/Content Editor.aspx?id=[itemid]&la=en&fo=[itemid]

    where [itemid] is the the ID of an item in figure brackets.