February 9, 2012

Error message - The operation could not be completed

I post here an error message I had yesterday on the sitecore of one of our customer because I don't have found this answer on the sdn site of in the forums.

We had randomly some error messages:
"The operation could not be completed.

Your session may have been lost due to a time-out or a server failure.

Try again."
After investigation, I don't have found any error messages in the logs or in the windows event viewer. But, we had multiple log files with the same datetime.

In fact the resolution was pretty simple the number of worker process of the application pool was set to 5 but it must be set to 1.

To change it:
  1. In iis select your application pool and click on the "Advanced settings" button
  2. In the "Process Model" section, set the "Maximum Worker Process" to 1.


  1. Yes, Sitecore requires "Maximum Worker Process" to 1 because doesn't support "Web Garden" configuration. But this configuration is very useful for increase performance in IIS. Is any other problems with Sitecore Web Garden except parallel writing log files? May be it possible to disable logging and it will be enough to use web garden?

  2. I don't know exactly if it is possible but I had some other side effect than the logs. Problems when I try to delete or add some items, ... but those problems affect the content manager it is maybe possible to activate the web garden on the content delivery systems.