February 17, 2012

Team development for sitecore (TDS) - Double build required

With Team development for sitecore (TDS) some developers of my company complain that they need to build the solution twice to have they change in the deploy folder.

After some investigations, I have found that sometime TDS doesn't create the dependencies correctly. And, with those dependencies not correctly set the TDS project is build before the project to deploy.

The bug fix is pretty easy:
  1. Right click on your solution and then on "properties"
  2. Click on the "Project Dependencies"
  3. In the "project" dropdown select your project to deploy and uncheck the corresponding TDS project
  4. In the "project" dropdown select your TDS project to deploy and check the corresponding project to deploy


  1. Finally! The problem of double build solved! Thanks Benjamin!

  2. Awesome. thanks. no more buildtaculars

  3. Had this exact problem earlier this week, was incredibly frustrating! I contacted hedgehog about it and they were very supportive. They explained that it's an issue that crops up with some installs (I've not had the issue in past installs), and their remedy was exactly as you've described.

    I requested the hedgehog guys put an explanation of this in their FAQ and quick start guide to avoid people hitting this issue in future.