July 9, 2012

Image Extension Module

I have release a new module on trac. This module is an extension of the sitecore control <sc:Image /> who add 2 possibilities:
  • Use the real file extension in place of the .ashx used by sitecore. (This functionality is better for the SEO but also allow you to apply a transparency filter on IE6 to your PNG files.)
  • Set a default image who will appear when the image field is empty. This setting is configurable at two level: on the site level and control per control.
For the documentation of this module click here.


  1. You can also make Sitecore use the real extension when generating URLs by setting the Media.RequestExtension setting to an empty string instead of ashx, unless I'm misunderstanding what the module does.

  2. Kamsar is right.

    Just change the default in the Web.config, reload your webpage, and you'll see the true image extension. Tested in Sitecore 6.6.

  3. This is the Web.config setting:

    The extension to use in media request URLs.
    If the value is not set, the Extension field of the individual media items will be used (ie. JPG, GIF, etc.)
    Default value: "ashx"

    < setting name="Media.RequestExtension" value="" />

  4. Yes it what I have writed in the manual but you have more options here. You can do that image per image and you can have a default image :)