June 30, 2016

Scan and Install all the packages in a folder

Sometimes ago I have published the PackageInstaller on github and on the marketplace.

This is a useful script to install a Sitecore package in command line. One of the scenarios, I like to cover with this script is the installation of the missing packages on the different machines. This mean on each developer’s machine but also on staging and production.

To do that I have developed the following script who scan a folder and install all the packages. Then it will write the installed packages into a text file to avoid the reinstallation on this machine the next time. Of course this file shouldn't be committed :-)

        Install all the sitecore modules who are not installed yet. And save the list of those modules to avoid to reinstall it next time.
    .PARAMETER  modulesPath
        The folder who contains the modules to install
    .PARAMETER  allreadyInstalledModulesPath
        The folder who contains the file .txt.user with the allready installed modules

    .PARAMETER  packageInstallerExe
        The path to the file Sidewalk.SC.PackageInstaller.Client.exe

    .PARAMETER  packageInstallerSln
        The path to the file \Sidewalk.SC.PackageInstaller.sln used to build the solution only if the Sidewalk.SC.PackageInstaller.Client.exe is not found

    .PARAMETER  msBuildPath
        The path to the file msbuild.exe used to build the solution only if the Sidewalk.SC.PackageInstaller.Client.exe is not found

    .PARAMETER  sitecoreUrl
        The sitecore url where the modules needs to be installed

    .PARAMETER  sitecoreDeployFolder
        The sitecore Website folder where the modules need to be installed
        InstallMissingModules.ps1 -sitecoreUrl "http://mysitecore.sandbox.local" -sitecoreDeployFolder "C:\inetpub\wwwroot\mysitecore.sandbox\Website" -Verbose
    [Parameter(Mandatory=$false)][string]$modulesPath = "..\..\..\Modules\",
    [Parameter(Mandatory=$false)][string]$allreadyInstalledModulesPath = "..\..\..\Modules\allreadyInstalledModules.txt.user",

$fileSystemModulePath = "$currentDir\..\..\Powershell\Libraries\FileSystem.psm1"

function Get-ScriptDirectory {
    Split-Path -parent $PSCommandPath

$currentDir = Get-ScriptDirectory

try {
    $modulesPathFullPath = Resolve-Path $modulesPath
 Write-Verbose -Message "Module directory: $($modulesPathFullPath.Path)"
} catch {
    throw new FileNotFoundException("The modules path is not found. $($_.Exception.Message)")
$packageInstallerExe = "$currentDir\PackageInstaller\SC.PackageInstaller.Client.exe"

if(-not (Test-Path $packageInstallerExe)){
    Write-Verbose -Message "The package installer exe is not found."    

    #Download the zip file from github
    $modulePath = Resolve-Path $fileSystemModulePath

    Import-Module $modulePath.Path
    $zipPath = "$currentDir\PackageInstaller.zip"    
    Get-RemoteFile -url "https://github.com/VGBenjamin/PackageInstaller/raw/master/Sidewalk.PackageInstaller.zip" -targetFile $zipPath -Verbose:$PSBoundParameters['Verbose']

    Write-Verbose -Message "Extracting the zipfile"
  Expand-Zip -zipPath $zipPath -destination "$currentDir\PackageInstaller\" -Verbose:$PSBoundParameters['Verbose'] -createDestinationFolderIfNeeded
 } catch [Exception]
  echo $_.Exception|format-list -force

$allreadyInstalledModules = New-Object 'System.Collections.Generic.HashSet[String]'
$allreadyInstalledModulesPathFillPath = "$currentDir$allreadyInstalledModulesPath"

if(Test-Path $allreadyInstalledModulesPathFillPath) {  
    Write-Verbose -Message "Loading the list of allready installed modules: $allreadyInstalledModulesPathFillPath"  
    Get-Content $allreadyInstalledModulesPathFillPath | ForEach-Object { $allreadyInstalledModules.Add($_ ) | Out-Null } 

    Write-Verbose -Message "Modules allready installed: $allreadyInstalledModules"

foreach($module in Get-ChildItem -Path $modulesPathFullPath.Path -Include @("*.zip","*.update") -Recurse) {
    if(-not ($allreadyInstalledModules.Contains($module.Name))) {    
        Write-Verbose -Message "Installing the module: $($module.FullName)"
        if($whatIf) {
            Write-Host "WhatIf : Installing the module with the parameters: $packageInstallerExe -sitecoreUrl $sitecoreUrl -sitecoreDeployFolder $sitecoreDeployFolder -packagePath $($module.FullName) -connector tds"
        } else {
            try {
                & "$packageInstallerExe" -sitecoreUrl $sitecoreUrl -sitecoreDeployFolder $sitecoreDeployFolder -packagePath "$($module.FullName)" -connector "tds" | Out-String           
                $allreadyInstalledModules.Add($module.Name) | Out-Null
            } catch [Exception]
          echo $_.Exception|format-list -force


Set-Content -Path  $allreadyInstalledModulesPathFillPath -Value ($allreadyInstalledModules | Out-String) -WhatIf:$whatIf
This script is also available here: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/VGBenjamin/PackageInstaller/master/InstallMissingModules-github.ps1

The dependency FileSystem.psm1 is available here: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/VGBenjamin/PackageInstaller/master/FileSystem.psm1


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