January 27, 2017

Impossible to add a language in Sitecore

I had an issue very recently: I cannot add a language in Sitcore anymore. When I tried to add it, the add language wizard was freezing without any error messages.

The resolution of this issue was very simple I just had the '-' character in the InvalidItemNameChars like this:

<setting name="InvalidItemNameChars">
 <patch:attribute name="value">\/:?&quot;&lt;&gt;|[].-</patch:attribute>
So juste remove it from this patch during the add language process and then re-add it and the problem is fix!


  1. SEO friendly URLs bite back! I eluded to this issue on my blog post about those new encodeNameReplacements

    > And guess what else? Languages! You know those 4 character language/region codes with dashes in the middle? Disallowing dashes means you can add those either!


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